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No slip. No bounce. Polarized sunglasses. Some say they're the best lightweight cycling ever

When we embarked on an epic quest to make the earth’s best cycling sunglasses, we did a deep dive into what cyclists looked for most in their active eyewear when saddling up their steeds and getting ready to shred. Why simply settle for imitating the most popular cycling sunglasses at huge markups when you could create affordable cycling sunglasses packed with tech features that will keep your peepers protected and your ride squint-free? As we always say at goodr: inflate tires, not prices. (Just to be clear, this is absolutely not something we say, but our CEO Carl the Flamingo came up with it while he was coming down from a 6-day shrimp buzz and got attached, so here we are.)

So we got down to the brass tacks of what makes the best cycling sunglasses around. UV protection? Obviously. Polarized? Most definitely. No slip, no bounce? You better f*cking believe it. Once we had the facts, Carl biked down to his underground cycling sunglasses product development lab/internet cafe/haberdashery/massage parlor (even flamingos know you should diversify your revenue streams in this economy) and got to work designing greatness. Then he had it– a sick pair of no-slip, no-bounce, all-polarized cycling glasses with UV protection (and not just any UV protection my friends, we’re talking full-spectrum UV400 protection).

But these wouldn’t be goodr cycling sunglasses unless they came in a variety of colors and lens types. We’ve got mirrored lens looks for bright light conditions. We’ve got clear lens options for low-light conditions. All polarized. All fun. All at a reasonable price point. Because as we casually say in daily conversation around the office: inflate tires, not prices. (Wow, it’s somehow even cringier the second time around.)

Oh and we almost forgot to mention one little detail (insert mandatory modesty here) our sunglasses have actually earned an award or two (or 33 and counting) for our epic fan favorites.

What if you need cycling sunglasses that are SO EXTREME they can combine the protection needed for the roughest ride with the jaw-dropping panache that would stop all other cyclists in their tracks? We’ve got good news, because the Wrap G, our single-lens full-wrap sunglasses, were designed just for you.


Getting blasted with bright sunlight on your sunny AF ride? We gotchu covered with shades like I DO MY OWN STUNTS or LOOK MA, NO HANDS for battling bright light on sunny days. Love to ride in treacherous cloudy weather conditions? Do you crave a nice sunset or dusk cycling sesh? Grab a pair of EXTREME DUMPSTER DIVING and we’ll have your back (and your eyes) covered in all low-light conditions.


Are you one of those road cyclists who match your cycling sunglasses with your many kits, practicing your drafting technique behind the freight trucks on the long open road? It may come as a ginormous surprise that road cycling accessories such as sunglasses aren’t exclusively about fashion.

Envision your car windshield painted with bug splatter after a long road trip, the sound of a wave of rocks spraying your whip when a large truck barrels past with what feels like an agenda to specifically make you– yes you– feel fear so great you’re shaken to your very core. Now imagine that car has no walls, two fewer wheels, and the greatest protection that your tender human flesh has against the ruinous violence of road rash is a snazzy spandex getup. Oh and that windshield we mentioned? It’s your literal eyeballs. Protective cycling sunglasses seem preeeeetty crucial now, don’t they? Exactly.

If that functionality factor isn't enough to entice you to invest in a pair of peeper protectors, just think about how much fun you would have coordinating every color of goodr's no-slip, no-bounce, all-polarized performance sunnies with your numerous kits. Bonus: They all start at $25. So you can blow your dough on flashy high-end overly priced spandex suits and carbon Zipp wheels, while still having the best sunglasses collection on your Sunday group ride.

But what if you’re a cycling aficionado who wants cycling glasses as tailored to your ride as the rest of your fastidiously chosen kit? What if you desire the full-wrap sunglasses that cyclists everywhere choose to give them the ultimate protection against the elements?


So you need some cycling sunglasses specifically for your weekend rides in the mountains... don’t worry, we’ve got you more than covered. The best cycling sunglasses combine fashion, performance, and durability– and you know goodr’s going to deliver the goods on all 3 of these. Pick your lenses based on the weather conditions: bright light shades for bright light on sunny days, gradient lenses when the clouds are making it feel like you’re taking on the Alps in February (side note: we strongly don’t recommend doing that from regrettable personal experience,) and low light for early morning shenanigans biking home after a long night on the town.

The best cycling glasses don’t compromise on the crucial lens tech or scrimp on the fashion. If you know one thing about goodr, you know we’re always stocked with a wide variety of bright-colored sunglasses to mix and match with all of your looks. But what if you’re looking for affordable sunglasses? Does that mean you have to sacrifice style? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you more than covered on affordable sunglasses– or more specifically ‘ffordable sunglasses (You know, because we make fashion, function, fun, ‘ffordable sunnies. What can we say? We like F words.)

Our sunnies start at just $25, so your next mountain biking expedition just got a little less expensive, too. Because like we always say at goodr: inflate (don’t do it, don’t–) tires (RESIST! YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS), not (CAN’T– HOLD BACK– MUCH– LONGER–) prices. (We tried, we really tried...)


Do you fancy yourself to be more of a gravel fiend, eating up the pebbles and rocks like their candy, always having an extra set of dentures and lenses in your cycle pack for the inevitable crash and cracks? Gravel is having a major moment in the SUN right now– in the cycling SUNglasses world that is. (Okay so in the spirit of full transparency we can’t even blame that one on Carl, that was 100% on us and it really felt like we were onto something with the wordplay of it all but somewhere along the way it took a turn, but yet here we still find ourselves. Don’t look at us. STOP LOOKING AT US!!! So sorry for that interruption, we’re back.)

But yes, gravel is all the rage right now. So if you’re just getting into gravel biking for the first time and wondering what the best gravel cycling sunglasses are, you definitely came to the right place. We did the heavy lifting on gravel cycling sunnies research and put together this nifty little collection of cycling glasses that are great for gravel cycling just for you! This collection of cycling sunglasses is ideal for gravel riding. You got your UV protection, your polarized lenses, and, of course, no bounce/no slip frames -- perfect for protecting those precious peepers while keeping you riding in style. Plus, if you get’em too dirty or too beat up?

They’re so affordable (or should we say ‘ffordable) that you just snag another pair!!! How many other cycling sunglasses can you say that about? Go on. We’ll wait… Bottom line– if you’re into cycling, cycling sunglasses, and particularly gravel biking, then your search for the greatest gravel bike sunglasses has officially ended.

City – Commuting Sunnies You’ll Love, Even if You Hate Your Job

So here’s the bad news… we can’t make you like your job more. (Unless you work at goodr, so maybe go check out our open listings.) But we can make the commute to and from your office a helluva lot more fun.

Perhaps you’re the daily commuter who takes off on their bike in the wee hours of the morning, the steam curling from your nostrils up into your shades as you simultaneously thank the anti-fog gods while cursing that driver to hell when they clearly didn’t look before turning right? YOU DON’T OWN THE ROAD JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE GOT A FANCY CAR, YA MANIAC. Our rose and copper-colored lenses are specifically designed to maintain visibility in low-light conditions when dark shades aren't needed.

But not to worry– they still protect from UV rays and increase the HD contrast performance of your vision so you can pinpoint and detect obstacles and gradation in the path ahead and accurately determine the distance from you and that squirrel with a death wish that just can't decide if it wants to cross the road or not. JUST CROSS DAMNIT. GO JOIN YOUR SQUIRRELLY FAMILY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. NO– NO– NO– DON'T CHANGE DIRECTION!!! I DON’T WANT TO HIT YOU, WHY ARE YOU MAKING THAT SO DIFFICULT? Phew, that was close. AAAAH POTHOLE!

Good thing you have those high contrast, polarized, low light lenses in your goodr glasses so you could efficiently swerve around both squirrel and giant crater.

You may be thinking, “But what if I’ve got an XXL noggin?! No amount of softness on your grip coating can compensate for the inevitable dreaded tension I feel with every pair of sunnies!!!” We also have our BFG frames that have wider frames, larger lenses, and longer arms to perfectly fit that magnum-sized melon of yours and prevent any unsightly, uncomfy canyons from developing along your overly ripped bulging temples.

Just as stylish, just as polarized and protected, but with more coverage. And as we all know, the bigger your sunglasses... wink wink... the fewer options you have to choose from because most companies only make their shades in one size. Not goodr!!! We love you and your big grand noggin. And you know we didn’t forget about our petite biker besties out there either. That’s why we came up with our LFG sunnies that offer a slim fit with smaller frame glasses to create a perfect fit for slender faces or smaller heads.

We know great athletes often come in small packages, so we wanted you to have a selection of cycling sunglasses for our fun-size friends with the need for speed.

Are you the gadget guru who always stocks up on the latest gear, tracking every acceleration, degree of incline, heartbeat, wheel rotation, gear shift, pedal angle, centimeter of sweat shed, and slowpoke you pass? Basically, are you impossible to buy gifts for because you always just go out and get the better version for yourself?

Are you one of those wild riders who shine brighter than the sun in your neon kit, light-up wheels, and party ride accessories? Is the fit of your shades, the nose piece, ear grips, and the lens gradient all important, as long as each piece is a different color of neon? 

Are you one of those spunky, indoor-olympian, cult-ish Peloton enthusiasts crushing your class PR to get to the top of the list and screaming right back at the instructor because clearly Cheryl is ONCE AGAIN cheating with her resistance, as you blink the stinging sweat from your strained eyeballs staring at the screen?

Maybe you’re one of those joy riders who stick playing cards and beads in your spokes for that sweet, sweet clatter and thread lights along the tires for that enviable multi-colored glow and glittering shiny streamers flowing from your handlebars and that old-fashioned horn with the rubber bulbous ball that's oh so fun to squeeze as you alert your gang of pals to the ice cream truck's whereabouts?

Whoever you are, you ride you. Whatever categories you fit into, you ride you. Because all cyclists ultimately share the same burning passionate love of two wheels (or four if you’re in training, which, no judgment, you gotta start somewhere and we’ve all been nearly run over by those 4-year-old speed demons). You also all have eyes. Probably. And if you do, you probably enjoy protecting those squints that have taken you from the road, to track, to gravel, to mountain trails, and back again safely and successfully allowing you to dodge cars, squirrels, and mountain trolls alike.

Don't know how to thank us? We've even got you covered there. Follow this simple script.

You: "WOWY-KA-ZOWY!!! These cycling sunglasses have changed my life! Thank you, goodr!"

Us: "No prob! We love making incredible active sunglasses. It’s kind of our whole thing!”

You: "BY GEORGE!!! And those lenses! Those glorious polarized sunglasses. And the variety of shapes! Round mirrored sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, and extremely extreme wraparound lenses!!! I've literally never biked in a straighter line in my LIFE. Unless I’m turning. And then I’ve never turned so curvily in my life.”

Us: “Wow, that was a real journey of a compliment… but we’re sure glad you like our lenses. We designed them to perform similarly to those super expensive performance sunnies you get at specialty stores but with lower, more attainable prices at more than half the price because, in all honesty, it just doesn't cost that much to put a polarizing protective layer on sunglass lenses."

You: "UNBELIEVABLE! I didn't know that! Yeah, that was the next thing I was going to exclaim about! That price point! So affordable starting at just $25. I could literally buy 20 pairs without breaking the bank and have extras for every outfit and kit and member of my extended family!"

Us: "Yep. You got it! That's the point! $25 active sunglasses for anyone."

You: "BUT JUST YOU HOLD ON ONE MINUTE because I’m reading the shipping terms and it appears that I don't have to pay for standard shipping in the United States if I get more than $50 worth of products?! That's not only incredibly generous but also EASILY met in the checkout cart because I just can't decide which colors and patterns and frames to get, so I think I'm just going to get ALL of them and then swap them out for each ride. Maybe even have a basket for each type that I prefer for when I go road cycling, mountain biking, gravel riding, trailblazing, triathlon training, and just commuting to work! What do you think about that idea, goodr?!?!?!?!"

Us: "Uh– yeah, that sounds cool. Did you have anything else or are we good to go back and make more fun, fashionable, functional, and ‘ffordable active sunglasses for anyone?”

You: “Of course– please forgive my most excitable spirit, I shan’t trouble you but even another moment, for I know you are on a quest of great import. Also, I’m British and from the 19th century now.”

Us: “We noticed that.”

You: “Fare thee well, sweet goodr. Carry on and may you ne’er forget the impact thou hast had upon my cycling– nay my heart– nay… my life. Mkay, thanks, luv u byeeeeeeee.”