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goodr makes the best sunglasses for everyone including, and this is true, women

Are women a monolith who share all of the same preferences and interests? Of course not. But the thing about goodr is that we make all of our sunglasses to be next-level incredible for people of all gender identities and we subscribe to the radical idea that women are, indeed, people. So please enjoy some completely unbiased, indisputable reason why goodr makes the best women's sunglasses around.

goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo, rules his company based on four Fs: Fun. Fashionable. Functional. 'Ffordable.

Don't think 'ffordable is a word? You also probably thought flamingos couldn't be CEOs, but here we are, breaking down barriers to avian leadership and grammatically incorrect words because alliteration. And it's these four F's that make goodr sunglasses the best sunglasses around. Period. Alright, that might make us sound a little full of ourselves, and we aren’t… unless we’re competing in a G.A.M.S. (goodr’s alcoholic mile series), in which case, we’re all drunk, and goodr is THE SH*T. PERIOD.

But we’re here today to talk about why goodr shades are specifically the best sunglasses for women, but as mentioned, the reasons these are the best sunnies for women are the same reason they're the most stellar sunnies everyone. So regardless of your gender identity, species, or planet of origin reading this article, please know, you’re important too, and it is quite likely that all of these tidbits pertain to you as well, so please keep reading.

First, in order to understand that goodr makes the best sunglasses for women, we must first explain what they want.

First, in order to understand that goodr makes the best sunglasses for women, we must first explain what they want.

Turns out it was for people to stop assuming they're a single unified entity.

But this is a question that a lot of folks ask the internet (which frankly is totally fair, the internet is a big place and it's hard to find great active eyewear that you'll love.) And thus: challenge accepted.

We decided it was time for research. The goodr sociologists took this age old question to the IG polls. We asked straight up, “What do women like?” Vague-ass question, we know.

The answers trickled in:
A good deal ✅
Matching ✅
Lookin’ fly ✅
Pretty sunglasses ✅
To feel like a badass ✅

... I mean, we solidly do all of the above and then some. If that's the criteria, then we can confidently say goodr sunglasses are absolutely the best women's sunglasses around.

The Four F's & MORE

We don’t believe in buyer’s remorse at goodr. When you’re paying a fair price for a legitimately functional product that makes you look and feel great, GO FOR IT. Buy them all.

So what are goodr’s price points? Simple. goodr sunglasses all start at just $40. With the average cost of women’s sunglasses being $196 dollars… “SQUAWWWK!” That was the sound of Carl the Flamingo losing his shit. Let’s start again, with the average cost of women’s sunglasses being $196 dollars, you can buy roughly SEVEN PAIRS of goodr sunglasses for the same price. This means a pair of sunglasses for every day of the week– a well-respected power move.

Now that you’ve heard about the unbelievable bargain that is goodr sunglasses, it’s likely your wallet is like, “Tell me more!” I guess if you’re going to twist our legs (flamingo legs are very easy to twist btw, notoriously both skinny and bendy), we’ll tell you more. How about we break it down nice and smooth into the four F's while hitting the remaining top four answers we received on the super scientific and extensive IG poll.

Umm hellooooo! Have you seen our Runway style sunglasses? These cat eye shape sunglasses are high fashion and high performance. These sunnies will turn you into a literal style icon, metaphorically speaking.

But wait! SureCat eye glasses are a style that has been around for nearly a century, and the hot trend has managed to evolve into its own distinct look each decade. Cat eye glasses were born in the 1930's after Altina Schinasi walked by an optician’s office and noticed the lack of stylish options for women. Inspired by masks Schinasi saw in Venice, Italy, she designed glasses with exaggerated framing around the eyes. The style eventually caught on in a New York City boutique. The trend for cat eye sunglasses grew in the 1960s when Audrey Hepburn famously wore them in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hence our Hepburn inspired pair, an all black cat eye, called Brunch is the New Black. Since their big break in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, top female fashion influencers such as Barbie, Marilyn Monroe, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, have been seen rockin’ cat eye frames. Did all of these female fashion icons rock goodrs? Okay fine no because we didn't exist yet for some of those, but HEY– if we were around then we're willing to bet a million flamingo dollars they'd be allllllll over these puppies.

The Runways, goodr’s version of cat eye sunglasses, are priced at $50 and have special silicone inserts on the nose and ear pieces for extra grip and comfort. Even more exciting, they come in TONS of different colors, each with coordinating classy metal accents. They come in mirrored lens options, and non-reflective lens options, these are ultra pretty sunglasses. Whether you’re walking down the runway, or running through the finish line of your first marathon, these sunglasses will have you feeling like the stone cold fox you are.

goodr women’s sunglasses come in several different styles. These include our OGs (a classic frame originating back to the 50s), BFGs (wide-fit sunglasses with more coverage), Runways (the cat eye sunglasses discussed elaborately above), VRGs (future-proof single-lens sunnies for the modern time traveler) , Circle Gs (goodr’s round frame sunglasses for your inner hipster), LFGs (slim-fit sunnies for petite noggins), WRAP Gs (full wraparound lens for extremely extreme people), MACH Gs (aviator style sunglasses sans those uncomfy metal nose pads, and PHGs (double bridge sunnies for distinguished brainy types). So many options! If you’re trying to look sporty, or spicy, or all around nice-y, you’ll always be fashionable with goodr sunglasses.

Hey gal pals! (We're immediately sorry for that, it just felt like we were losing the thread on the whole "best women's sunglasses" theme for a second, but clearly that was not the answer.) What are your thought on the importance of performance?

We think your shades should work as hard as you do. If you're showing up to break a sweat, your sunnies better be keeping pace with a no-slip, no-bounce frame and some polarized lenses to protect your perfect peepers from those harmful UV rays. goodr shades were built with athletes in mind, taking into careful consideration varying head shapes and sizes. They are meant to perform no matter what activity you’re doing. Every style is tested to see if it is truly “no slip” and “no bounce.” If they don’t pass the test, they are lit on fire and cast to Hell. We don’t f*ck around when it comes to no slip and no bounce.

But really, what’s the purpose of sunglasses?

We know what you're thinking, "this is obvious– they exist to give an entrepreneurial flamingo a throne upon which to rule." And sure, they beautifully serve that purpose here as well. Some may say sunglasses were invented to guard the secrets of your soul. (Protip: mirrored lenses prevent the giving/receiving of dark creepy stares).

But the originally intended purpose is eye protection. It is important to note that goodr sunglasses have UV400 protection. That means, they block ALL those pesky ultraviolet rays trying to mess up your vision and age your eyes. UVA and UVB your fun and games are OVER. YOU'RE DONE. GET OUTTA HERE.

goodr sunglasses, except a few of our clear and low-light lenses are also 100% polarized. Polarization is meant to reduce glare from surfaces that reflect light. The way it works is similar to how blinds and certain window dressings (you know, fancy blinds) control sunlight through the window. The sunlight bounces off of horizontal surfaces and then strikes the person’s eye like a burning dagger piercing your cornea (that might be a little dramatic), this glare makes it hard to see objects in front of you. Polarized sunglasses can prevent this discomfort! The polarized lens has a surface that contains only vertical stripes, therefore, it blocks the horizontal light from bypassing the filter, and voila! Your eyes are saved. By science. goodr science.

What’s that you say? You need prescription sunglasses? WELL, I'VE GOT GOOD NEWS MY BIFOCALED BUDDY. goodr sunglasses are Rx friendly! Although we can’t physically pop the prescription in for you, your eye doctor can hook it up and emotionally, we're right there with them. Just bring your goodr frames in during your next appointment and they will get you set up with lenses. No slip and no bounce is even better when you can see clearly.

The 'ffordability factor… AFFORDABILITY. We were scouring the internet for articles about ladies sunglasses (I mean, we had to make sure ours were the best before writing about it. Because again, we're literally scientists, metaphorically speaking) and came across an article about the “best women’s sunglasses.” The pairs chosen for “affordability” ranged between $60 to $90 bucks, BUT if you wanted polarized lenses that jacked the price up to over $100. Pop quiz: What is the price of goodr sunglasses? They start at just $40? AND THEY ARE ALL POLARIZED. It just honestly doesn't cost that much money to make polarized lenses.

You don't need to sacrifice style to find affordable sunglasses either. goodr has tons of timeless frames and classic styles found in magazines and runways consistently over the years. To make it even better, we also offer wild colors, and crazy collaborations (with licensing partners like Marvel, The Rolling Stones, and National Parks Foundation). Don’t be a stick in the mud wearing the same black shades year after year. Embrace the NOW. If those orange sunnies are calling your name, buy them! If orange becomes the most hated color of the future, well, you only dropped $40 bones for them. So buy a different color and pass the orange ones on to your sister-in-law.

If you’re someone who enjoys matching, we have a color and frame style for every outfit, mood, holiday, party, marathon… the list goes on and on, and a price that allows you to have all the options without breaking the bank. SCORE.

We started talking about fun in the beginning of this blog, so it only feels right to end with fun. goodr sunglass’s motto is, “We are recklessly committed to fun… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH sunglasses.” Everything we do as a brand is infused with fun.

Every pair of sunglasses has a unique name and a custom nonsensical origin story written about it. Heck, the human CEO of goodr once took the entire company on a booze cruise to Catalina for a quarterly company celebration. If that’s not fun, what is?! We love tiki bars, basset hounds, wild tropical decor, and we encourage authenticity all day, every day. goodr sunglasses exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself… unless you’re an asshole. We have a color and style for everyone x10, so instead of putting on the sunglasses you think the world wants you to wear, goodr inspires individuality. And not only is that fun, but being 100% yourself will make you feel like the badass you are.

So that's it. Your undisputed, highly scientific evidence that goodr makes the best women's sunglasses in the game.

Yes please!

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