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Get an in-depth look into the goodr-verse with our CULTURE goodr Podcast

Always Authentic

Our shades are no B.S. and neither are we. We get real about how we built a company and culture that gives you permission to be unabashedly yourself... unless you're an asshole.

celebrate failure

If you want to keep growing and improving, you have to be cool with failing. We'll talk about all the cool sh*t we do, but you'll also hear how we f*cked up along the way (so you can avoid it.)

Keeping it fun

We're known for our reckless commitment to fun, and the absurdity that comes along with it, so you know our podcast has to follow suit. Consider this your invitation to the party.

Stephen Lease & Shaun tinney

Stephen Lease & Shaun tinney

Welcome to the CULTURE goodr Podcast with Stephen Lease and Shaun Tinney. This podcast is a behind-the-shades look at creating and changing culture inside of goodr sunglasses. You can live with the status quo, you can challenge the status quo, or you can do what we do at goodr and Status the Quo Challenge.

Episode 49: Celebrating the Work Over Results


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the people of goodr

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